• ernichatomChester Elementary School’s Schoolwide Enrichment Program incorporates the work of Joseph Renzulli and Sally Reis of  UCONN. It provides a model for total  school improvement and allows our  school the opportunity to offer unique programs  based on the interests of our students, staff and administration.

    The Schoolwide Enrichment Program is  research-based and incorporates highly successful practices. Our program promotes both challenging and enjoyable  high-end learning across a wide range of curricular areas. 

    All students, kindergarten through grade 6 participate in the program. Additionally,  each staff member, both certified and non-certified engage in the program. This collaborative approach positively impacts our school culture.

    We offer meaningful, high-level, creative and engaging opportunities for students to develop their talents. Our Schoolwide Enrichment Model fosters an environment that is an enjoyable place to learn for students which encourages the full development of each and every learner.

    Enrichment Clusters
    Chester Elementary School offers many enrichment clusters which are known as “Academies.” There are two sessions of Academies offered throughout the year, one in fall and the other mid-winter. They occur every Thursday afternoon for 45 minutes.

    Our Academies consist of multi-age groups of students who share common interests. Once per week, academies come together to work in their area of interest, creating original products and/or services.

    Adults from the faculty and staff facilitate the enrichment Academies based on various interests, such as creative writing, drawing, dance, ecology, finance and other areas. The adults have advanced knowledge in these particular areas. The students choose an enrichment academy from a brochure that includes a title and description.

    Our school community gathers together to share the products and/or services being worked on by the academies. These whole school gatherings are called Town Meetings. The Town Meetings provide an authentic audience for each academy. Other methods of product development include the creation of DVDs, brochures, art exhibits, the organization of events, newspapers and daily news broadcasts among others.

    The Work of Each Academy.
    Our enrichment Academies include the integration of major disciplines, interdisciplinary themes, or cross-disciplinary topics (e.g. a theatrical/television production group that includes actors, writers, technical specialists, costume designers).

    The Academies incorporate knowledge utilization, thinking skills, and interpersonal relations. They provide students real-world environments according to each area of interest. All work is directed toward the production of a product and/or service.

    Each Academy is guided by the following three questions:
    1. What do people with an interest in this area (e.g. film making) do?
    2. What knowledge, materials, and other resources do they need to do it in an excellent and authentic way?
    3. In what ways can the product or service be used to have an impact on an intended audience?

    Enrichment Academy clusters incorporate the use of advanced content, providing students with information about particular fields of knowledge. (Renzulli, Joseph)

    Examples of Enrichment Academy Clusters:
    · Art Explorers
        · CES Investors
        · Fitness Challengers
        · Junior Math Logic
        · Theater Company
        · Weed Whackers
        · School Newspaper
        · Young Scientists
        · The Rep. Company
        · Aqua Adventure
        · CES Entrepreneurs

    Additional School Enrichment Programs During School:
    · S.T.E.A.M
        · Chorus
        · Band
        · Cultural Arts Programming

    After-School Enrichment Programs:
        · Math Olympiad
        · Lego Robotics
        · Odyssey of the Mind
        · Jazz Band
        · Homework Club
        · Run Club
        · Green Team
        · Project Adventure
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